The Terratec KOMPLEXER is a softsynth with an architecture similar to the microQ. Indeed the synth engine has been developed by Stefan Stenzel of Stadler Electro, the R&D head of Waldorf Music. Despite all the similarities it is not based on the microQ code.

One of the more exciting advances is that the KOMPLEXER can load new data into the two wavetable oscillators. The implementation of these oscillators is based on resynthesis, so the tables contain not the waves (like it is the case with the microWave), but rather the spectral amplitudes. The result is just the same, these two representations are mathematically equivalent. The AltWave-Oscillators on the Q and microQ as well as the KOMPLEXER still sound quite different from other wavetable synths, as the interpolation between two stored waves is completely smooth. This allows to put two radically different waves in an adjacent slot and sweep smoothly between them (with suitably adjusted modulation of course).

Pictures of some wavetable spectra have been moved to to another page.

I will add some tips and tricks, especially for using the wavetable oscillators as time permits. Stay tuned!