Welcome to the Stromeko Synth World

Send comments, criticism and inquiries to Stromeko. I probably won't read HTML and MIME mails and I don't want to get attachments (especially large ones) without being asked first.

As a public service, I read your UCE or SPAM at a rate of €50 per incident (no discounts available). Sending me any is construed as agreement to these terms and any others I make up on the spot depending on how annoyed I am.

Please do not mirror any of the files without consulting with me first. If you link to individual files, please always include a link to my home page. I really don't like it if you rip pictures from my site to sell gear on Ebay, so don't do it and don't ask, thank you. I'll charge a minimum fee of €50 or 10% of the winning bid for violations of my copyright to those pictures.

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