Author: Achim Gratz

Combined user waves for the XT Usersoundset 3 and the VS-Waves

Original Files

The waves used in this set are from the XT Usersoundset 3 and the VS-Waves.


The package contains a standard MIDI file with just the user waves from the VS-Waves set and the user waves from the XT Usersoundset 3. The waves are placed as follows:

This leaves just UW1000 to UW1034 free for your own creations. These first user waves as well as any wavetables, multis and sounds are not overwritten by this set. Your microWave-II or microWave-XT needs the device ID set to zero (the standard value) to be able to receive the data.

During compilation of the XT Usersoundset 3 UW1178 was damaged. This set contains the original version from Till Kopper and Georg Müller. If you want to repair your copy of the XT Usersoundset 3, just this wavetable is included as a MIDI file as well, leaving all other user waves untouched

For reference, an overview of all 215 waves in the set along with their power spectrum is provided on 4 pages in PDF format. The method has been adapted from the famous Allwaves file for the Waldorf ROM waves.

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