Author: Achim Gratz


Original Files

The samples used in this set come from

The VP330 samples have been manually looped by me. The samples from the PPG library have been extracted with their original loop points from the original disk images by a script written by me.

How to get them into the Blofeld

You need the latest version of Spectre from Waldorf.

Method 1: Factories plus all extra samples

Put the Factory Sample Set into the same folder where you unpacked the content of the archive. Then start Spectre and click on the »Load…« button next to the »Programs« pane. Select the file »BSE.xml« and click »Open«. You can now delete or re-arrange programs or just leave them as they are. Now click on the »Transmit« button and wait for the transfer to the Blofeld to complete.

Method 2: Individual samples

You should already be familiar with Spectre, so I'll cut this short: All samples are available as individual preset files with the ».wpc« extension. You can load these at any time into the »Programs« pane. Since these are preset files, the individual samples and (if applicable) key ranges for the samples can't be edited. You can however save your arrangement of presets (and perhaps your own sample definitions) for later use and modification.

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